Application for Compressor testing

Testing the compressor performance can be done in two ways: statically or dynamically. .
The dynamic performances include the compressor’s torque, speed, voltage, current, and power, during the acceleration of the compressor.

In order to get the data of the compressor output torque, it is necessary to use one the following two options:

  • Testing an open compressor, in a vertical set-up.
  • Building a special housing for the compressor stator and rotor, creating a “Housing Motor,” and testing the output performance of the “housing motor.”

For the dynamic performances

Motomova uses its (has developed) unique, worldwide patented, Inertial Dynamometer System capabilities.

The testing includes:

Compressor characteristics curves against time, including torque, speed, current, voltage, power output, power input, efficiency, reactive power, and power factor.

Compressor load performances during acceleration.

For the static performances

Motomova uses its four-quadrant regenerative load dynamometer system capabilities, that allow loading and rotating the CUT (Compressor Under Test) clockwise and counterclockwise.

Performance Torque Speed

Load from excel file

Stall Torque Test rotor mechanically block

Time torque curve test

Torque ripple measurement at low RPM

Performance by the time test

Open circuit back EMF test

Back EMF constant KE (CW)

Temperature rise test

Spectrum at load

Inductance LCR test 3 phase auto

Locked rotor current time

Friction vs. speed​

Deceleration test (MOI calculation)

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