EV 2-Wheeler


Serves as a load unit with e-motorcycles and e-scooters.

Features & Benefits

EV 2-Wheeler is operable with speed mode/constant speed condition, torque mode/constant load condition, power mode/constant power condition, load from excel/predefined loading sequence, time-base loading control and speed control profile, warm-up/temperature rise test, coast-down check, and real road load simulation.


Creates optimal and consistent performance and speed during testing.


Energy consumption testing, distance accumulation, and R&D testing on e-motorcycles and e-scooters.


Can be used for either durability and performance testing or real-world loading-profiling simulations.

Results can be played back as events in the following modes:

Force vs. Time

Road Load with Grade vs. Time

Force vs. Distance

Road Load with Grade vs. Distance

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