EV Powertrain

The MOTOMOVA Electric Powertrain Dynamometer is part of a fully integrated modular system with hardware-in-the-loop testing via INTECH orangeHiL. System capabilities include drive cycle and virtual test driving. Powertrain testing capabilities also include battery testing and simulation using bidirectional DC power supply.

Features & Benefits

Creates real-time simulation and automation of vehicle and driver. Also capable of battery testing and simulation.


Acceleration, braking, and changing vehicle states.


Testing of individual engine control units (ECUs) and integrated networks during the construction of conventional, hybrid, and battery electric powertrain systems in passenger cars and light-duty vehicles.


Can be used for either durability and performance testing or real-world loading-profiling simulations.

Full Car

Reduction gear

Electric Motor Under Test

2WD FF Driveline

2WD FR Driveline

2WD Powertrain

4WD Driveline

4WD Powertrain

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