Gear Tester


The MOTOMOVA Static & Dynamic Gear Test System provides an accurate, reliable gear-testing method allowing users to test gears dynamically during acceleration and static states. The unique design relies on two loading units with highly accurate speed and torque sensors located at the dual gear sides.

Features & Benefits

This gear tester produces accurate MOTOMOVAsures of speed, torque, temperature, and calibrated speed using system-integrated sensors. The software allows for co-testing of static and dynamic states. There’s also an option for testing a motor with a gear on it. All data is easily saved and analyzed via testing reports that are displayed in tables and graph curves.


This is a turnkey system for gearboxes that facilitates universal testing and inspection for all gear types.


Testing and inspection for improvement in performance of motors with gearboxes.


Testing capabilities for this gear test include:


Hysteresis loss

Transmission angular accuracy

Max backlash

Gear load performance and temperature

Gear efficiency

Starting and no-load torque

Ripple and friction torque

Friction, speed, and torque spectrum

Back EMF (electromotive force)

Gear stiffness

Gear backlash

Torsion rigidity

Life test



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