MOTOMOVA supports brands in a wide range of industries serving the private and public sectors. Our commitment to precision and innovation is evident regardless of the scale or scope of the apparatus being tested

MOTOMOVA offers complete

Full-scope motor testing for a variety of vehicles and machines in laboratory research and development environments (R&D), during end-of-life (EOL) production (EOL), and within quality assurance (QA) teams. Each motor testing system can be customized to meet testing environment specifications for motor manufacturers. All MOTOMOVA systems are turnkey systems that implement the standards IEC 60034-2-1 and IEEE 112


MOTOMOVA motor testing systems are used globally by manufacturers of automotive products, electric vehicles (EVs), electric bikes, aircraft, boats, and more.

Electric Transportation

MOTOMOVA is regarded as a global leader for providing testing solutions for the automotive and EV industries. Our testing supports models that take to the road, air, and water. MOTOMOVA's team will customize a solution for your brand and industry standards for the following forms of electric transportation.

Industrial Machinery

While we are trusted by brands seeking testing for electric transportation, MOTOMOVA has also earned a reputation as one of the world's premier providers of testing tools for stationary equipment and moving parts. Our ideas help to power major pieces of equipment in buildings and venues across the globe

Home Appliance

MOTOMOVA brings the same state-of-the-art testing capabilities used in motor vehicles, planes, and boats to everyday items found in the homes of families around the world. By scaling our innovative testing solutions for consumer products, we empower brands to offer long-lasting, high-performing products.

Robotics (Servo Motor)

Our testing for servo motors allows for carefully controlled movements and speeds in automated products used for:

Power Plants

MOTOMOVA is a trusted provider of testing solutions for various components and automated tools used in the world's power plants.

Why Motomova


A global firm changing the way forward in the development of solutions, instruments, and simulations in the electric vehicle (EV), aerospace, rail, micro, servo, gear, and energy sectors.

Patented solutions

Worldwide patented systems ”Inertial Dynamometer” performing the complete load tests without any load, for all motor types, Paving a new era for testing Electric motors/Engines.

MOTOMOVA customers

Our global customers have used our innovative products to improve efficiency, reduce cost, expand apparatus lifespans, increase performance, and troubleshoot performance failures.

The climate crisis

As the climate crisis reaches the “code red” level, MOTOMOVA is enabling companies to switch to and leverage electric motors, helping put an end to the gasoline and oil motors era. ESG is a core element in MOTOMOVA’s business, value chain, and future success.


Speed past traditional methods with the world's leading maker of testing equipment. MOTOMOVA's unmatched experience with testing electrical motors and powertrains puts your production plans years ahead of competitors. Contact our sales team today.


MOTOMOVA has developed partnerships with respected global partners as part of our commitment to developing the world's most efficient testing systems. Spanning the globe, our partners enable us to provide our customers in all industries with the best experiences possible.

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