Inertial Dynamometer

Performs complete, turnkey load-free universal load tests for all motor types.

Features & Benefits

Highly accurate (± 0.2%), reproducible test results with a multilingual interface featuring a flexible database with import and export options combined with PDF and Excel reporting.


Performs a complete load test with high throughput going up to 10 motors/minute. The methodology allows for clear MOTOMOVAsurement of the influence of temperature on motor performance and efficiency

Provides complete motor load performance from the acceleration period. The short MOTOMOVAsuring time (acceleration time) allows for reporting of motor characteristics at a constant, pre-defined temperature to accurately show temperature’s influence on performance and efficiency.


IDS MOTOMOVAsures and reports the following:


Input power

Output power


Power factor (AC motors)


Friction torque

Ripple torque

Friction spectrum

Cogging torque level

Dynamic torque

Torque and speed spectrum analysis

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