Integrated Starter Generator

The Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) replaces the conventional starter, generator and flywheel of the engine and provides an auxiliary function as a convenient automatic vehicle start-stop system for further improved fuel efficiency.
The system switches off the combustion engine at zero load – such as when standing at a traffic light – and automatically restarts it in less than one hundred milliseconds when the gas pedal is pressed. The pulse-start technology accelerates the combustion engine to the required cranking speed (idle speed) and only then initiates the combustion process for instant ignition, a feature that helps reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

Motomova RDS systems test the ISG

The Motomova RDS systems test the ISG also will output 14 to a 42-volt vehicle electrical system with peak generator output of 8 kW the system tests the torque, speed, efficiency across all predefined speeds ranges. <br>

In addition the systems tests the Dynamic behaver during the acceleration period, including the torque and efficiency of the ISG during the very short acceleration time.

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