Mini & Small Motor

Small Motors Testing systems

Automatically measures and records: Torque, Speed, Power Input, Power Output, Efficiency, and Temperature rise and related data during motor operation under predefined rated point.

For Temperature Rise, in Compliance with Standards:

IEC 60335-I, IEC 60034-2-1

EN 60034-I


Defined rated point.

Very useful for testing reversible Wiper motors

Motor Parameters comparison at cold and hot state.

Automatic detection of temperature stabilization.

Cogging, Back EMF, Friction torque.​

Measurement and display of motor heating curves.

Automated test reports in Excel and PDF format

Drive cycle simulation for traction motor applications and for servo/BLDC motors.

Easy to use, enables the user to set quickly the test parameters, and to produce clear and professional reports.

Features and Benefits:

The principle of the test is to use a dynamic adjustable load with a servomotor that functions as a LOAD to the motor under test. In our test bench, the loading motor operates as a generator. The system is very flexible for fast dynamic load changes (much more than the other brakes) – that is especially important for testing servo motors and for some BLDC motors applications. In servo motors, a fast response of torque changes is sometimes needed. We tune our RDS system accordingly, and we provide, in such cases, the ability to control the PID of the load control. Such a fast response is also used in the automotive industry, when we do “Road Load Simulation”, where we need to change from motoring mode to generating mode very quickly. During the “Road Load Simulation” test, the motor under test (MUT) runs in two modes: (1) when MUT is working as Motor (to run the electrical car), and (2) when the MUT is working as Generator (to charge the car battery). The unit commission is user-friendly and no further adjustments are needed. Full digital control, yet no programming required

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