Motor Testing

MOTOMOVA offers complete, full-scope motor testing for a variety of vehicles and machines in laboratory research and development environments (R&D), during end-of-life (EOL) production (EOL), and within quality assurance (QA) teams. Each motor testing system can be customized to meet testing environment specifications for motor manufacturers. All MOTOMOVA systems are turnkey systems that implement the standards IEC 60034-2-1 and IEEE 112. Our motor testing systems are used globally by manufacturers of automotive products, electric vehicles (EVs), electric bikes, aircraft, boats, and more.

MOTOMOVA motor testing systems are designed for both on-road and simulated testing parameters in various conditions and climates. In testing environments, servo motors function as loading motors with high-resolution, high-accuracy encoders, torque sensors, integrated power analyzers, and temperature MOTOMOVAsurement modules.


MOTOMOVA’s integrated testing and reporting software allows users to simulate loads that can be maintained using either torque based on feedback from the torque sensor or speed using feedback from a high-resolution servo motor encoder. MOTOMOVA’s advanced user interface allows for results to be saved to the system’s database to generate reports for MS Excel and PDF formats.


MOTOMOVA testing systems are distinguished by a closed-loop field-oriented control system relying on auto-tune servo drives. A stable DC supply allows for torque and speed control for greater accuracy of MOTOMOVAsurements.

Motor Testing

Powertrain Dynamometer

Radiator Fan

Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor

Stepper Motor

AC Motor

DC Motor

Mini & Small Motor

MV & HV Motor

MV & HV Motor - Portable Dyno

PMSM & Servo Motor

vii. Motors of up to 770 kW

Wiper Motor

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Pump Motor

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