Worldwide patented systems ”Inertial Dynamometer” performing the complete load tests without any load, for all motor types, Paving a new era for testing Electric motors/Engines.


The motor is accelerated from 0 to the no-load speed. The load used is the moment of inertia of the motor’s rotor + flywheel. From the acceleration period, the system gives the complete motor load performances, together with additional dynamic unique testing, such as ripple torque, cogging, friction, and back EMF. Since the entire measuring time is very short (Acceleration time), the motor has no time to warm up. In such a way, the motor characteristics are given at constant pre-defined temperature.

The method is very accurate (± 0.2%) test results are very well reproducible, regardless of the operator and independent of any brakes, especially of their
additional mechanical losses. The method clearly shows the influence of the temperature on motor performance and efficiency.<br>

The system includes a very user-friendly software, presenting the data in graphs and tables, and saving them for evaluation, comparison, quality assurance, etc.


Good for all motors types and sizes

High throughput – Up to 10 motors/minute

High reliability and repeatability – Not affected by heating or load coupling

Flexibility – Easily extended for testing all motors types and sizes

Turnkey customized solution – Integrates with standard tests (HV, earth, insulation resistance, noise, vibration, etc.)

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