Rail Vehicle & Component

Motomova is an expert in performing motor testing according to the different IEC standards. We can implement with our test system the IEC60349-2.

Tests facilities:

Measuring chain equipped with sensors for automatic compliance checks (measurements + functional analysis + validation)

UIC 540 – Air brakes for freight and passenger trains.

UIC 541 – 03/04/05 – Regulations concerning manufacture of the different brake parts.

TSI – Rolling Stock – Conventional Rail, High Speeds, Freight wagons.


Contributing to the type approval process of a braking system by means of static tests


Allows the user to build a test plan according to the following tests:

Visual Test.

Phases Resistance.

Temperature measurement of PT 100.

Short circuit test.

Bearing test with three axial accelerometers.

Your team get paid in their local currency, with no fees

Speed sensor functionality.

Vibration velocity.

Insulation resistance.

Dielectric Withstand.

Tests objectives:

Give your team the freedom to move, live, and work anywhere without a worry. We’ll ensure they have an exceptional experience with a localized benefits package in their country.

Validate brake control components (driver’s brake valve, self-adjusting brake valve, etc.).

Validate and measure the application forces generated by the braking system.

Measuring the holding capacity of the brake when the train is at standstill by establishing the friction coefficient or the adhesion (wheel/brake block or wheel/ rail).

Why Motomova

Ensure the safety of your rolling stock and components in compliance with relevant global standards and regulations.

Save time and money in avoiding costly rework and project delays.

Increase your operational efficiencies to generate real business value.

Provide your various stakeholders with confidence that your product has been tested to the highest standards.

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