Test Benches


MOTOMOVA's test bench systems allow engineers to connect and test various interfaces with the ability to both expose and isolate the model in relation to a number of real and simulated variables. Users enjoy repeatability, flexibility, and safety in testing environments. MOTOMOVA provides test benches for vehicles, bikes, four-wheel units, three-wheel units, two-wheel units, aircraft, and boats.


Our testing systems utilize a dynamic adjustable load with a servo motor functioning as a LOAD to the motor being tested. This is done in collaboration with a regenerative unit that feeds energy generated by the loading motor back in the mainline power supply. This is an upgrade from systems that waste regenerative energy using resistor batteries.


Provides complete load data for torque, speed, current, efficiency, power input, and power output. Also gauges temperature rise motor operation based on a predefined rated point. Reports populate automatically in Excel and PDF formats.





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